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TRUST Your Silencers

If you are looking for a way to share a silencer with family or a good friend, a TRUST might be the answer. A gun trust is a legal arrangement that allows multiple people to use your silencer. All members of a trust must have a background check, and the purchase guidelines are similar to individuals. Here is the difference: when an individual buys a silencer, that individual must be present when the silencer is used. In a trust, the entire group can share the silencer.

The creator of the trust is the one who technically owns the equipment, and he is the only one who can add or remove items from the trust. Likewise, the creator is the one who designates the beneficiary.

A trust also makes it easier to transfer your silencer to your beneficiary, and it helps the recipient avoid probate, which can be long and costly. Only one person can be assigned to take ownership after your death.

An attorney can set up a trust for you, but the inexpensive option is to choose one of the many resources available online. They make the process relatively painless and straightforward. Find one option here.

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